Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Best Apple Pie I've Ever Had!

A month ago I had the best Apple Pie I have ever had! We had gone to a party celebrating the end of my husbands sand volleyball summer league season. There were two of these pies setting on the counter. I came upstairs from watching my son play with all of the older kids in the basement when I heard all of the men in the kitchen raving about this pie (that tells you how good it was)! I fixed myself a piece and topped it off with some vanilla icecream. I was not ready for what I was about it encounter. It was so amazing! I like Apple Pie, but it is not my favorite dessert. However, if this pie was in the line up...I would have to have a piece.

I made this pie this weekend for a Labor Day Barbeque that we attended. The recipe is from the Pioneer Woman website. She has some amazing recipes. If you make this Apple Pie, be sure to also make the crust from the recipe link she has included. It is the best, most flaky crust I've ever had! Enjoy!

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