Friday, April 16, 2010

Mission Organization: Part 1 Hall Closet Catch-All

Do you have a spot that is the catch all place? You know, a go to spot for clutter? The place where when you don't know where something should go, you go put it there. Well, this place for me is the coat closet. I wanted to do a little organizing. It was about time (as you can see from the picture). It was confirmed to me after we had our dinners for six group over to our house for dinner. Chris opened the closet to hang up their coats and there was no where to hang them. Yikes! So, I'm about to let you take a peek at what it looked like before. Oh, this is hard for me. Here goes....Okay, I did it. Look at that floor. It was in need of a makeover, bad. So, I decided to do something about it. For only $7.47 (for this hanging organizer) I organized the entire closet..... ....and it looks like this now! Tah dah! What do you think?First I started off by taking everything out of the closet and making piles. Three piles to be exact: throw away, keep, and give away. Then everything that needed to go back in I started to organize. This hanging organizer is a great way to organize all of the hats, gloves, and scarfs. Each family member has a shelf (I have two...what can I say I'm the only girl in the family;) I can't take the credit for this awesome idea I saw it in the January issue of Parents Magazine! Here's some close ups.

This is another great idea...which is not my own either. I place all of my gift bags (for all occasions) in this plastic tub. Whenever I have a gift that needs wrapped I go to the closet and get in the tub. Think of all the money you will save not buying gift bags for every gift. Recycle!I am so glad my closet is now organized. The other day I walked over to it to hang up a jacket and almost jumped a foot backward as I was in complete shock at how organized it was. It made me smile!


  1. Looks must have been inspired after the girls helped Max empty the entire thing ;) LOVE YOU!

  2. GREAT idea! Never thought to divide the shelves! Thanks for the tip via Parents Mag. I do use a big tub for all my gift wrapping things. It makes it much easier and not so messy!